Counselling & Trauma Therapy in Warrington & Online

How Counselling Can Help You

Counselling offers a supportive environment where individuals can openly express their thoughts and emotions. It provides a professional relationship that fosters understanding and promotes self-discovery. 

Through counselling, individuals gain valuable insights into their behaviours, thoughts, and patterns, facilitating positive change. It equips individuals with coping mechanisms, helping them navigate life's challenges more effectively. 

Ultimately, counselling helps empower people to enhance their overall well-being and lead more fulfilling lives.

Please pay for your chosen session and then I will be in touch with you to arrange a date and time for your appointment.

50-minute therapy session.

  • £85 per session
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60-minute relationship therapy session.

  • £95 per session
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50-minute EMDR therapy session.

  • £86 per session
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60-minute clinical supervision session.

  • £70 per session
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90-minute clinical supervision session.

  • £95 per session
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Please note that fees are reviewed annually in July.

What Is The Person-Centred Approach

The person-centred approach holds faith in each individual's ability to discover their solutions to life's challenges and develop their coping mechanisms for life experiences. Person-centred counselling is a therapeutic method grounded in the belief that fostering a distinctive, trusting relationship between the client and the therapist can unlock and encourage the natural potential within each person.

Traumatic events can result in us feeling shocked, confused, and distressed. Common responses may involve feelings of overwhelm, guilt, shame, anxiety, sadness, anger, emotional detachment, as well as experiencing physical reactions such as tiredness, problems concentrating, shallow breathing, and nausea. Helping clients heal from trauma is challenging when they are missing one key experience – a stable, secure relationship. This lack of a steady, caring attachment relationship can make it more difficult to regulate emotions or build a trusting bond. As a trauma informed therapist Dr Liddy Carver is interested in the neuroscience behind trauma and attachment relationships, and how trauma can make clients more vulnerable to stress responses. Building a secure attunement helps clients co-regulate and feel safe with another person, draw out their strengths and coping skills, mindfully help them manage physical and emotional pain and reignite their hope for the future.

I provide a broad spectrum of approaches tailored to your specific requests and needs. My work is based on the latest evidence-based methods, always personalised to suit the unique individual in front of me.
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Online Counselling Sessions

If travel induces anxiety, you're under self-isolation recommendations, or facing physical health challenges, I'm here to offer support through Zoom.

Individuals grappling with anxiety, depression, or physical health issues often find it challenging to venture outside. The amplified fears and worries upon stepping out exacerbate their already compromised mental health. Recognising this, I extend Zoom sessions to both existing and new clients who may be unable to attend face-to-face meetings.

Advantages of Online Counselling

Experience personalised face-to-face support from the comfort of your home. Unlike phone therapy sessions, which may feel distant initially, platforms like Zoom allow for an early connection, helping me understand how best to support you.
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Whether you're on holiday, relocating, or simply visiting family, you can book a last-minute therapy session. Scheduled sessions remain uninterrupted, ensuring we can connect regardless of your location in the UK or anywhere worldwide.

Maintain support during illness or bed rest. Your mental health is as crucial as your physical well-being, and it shouldn't be neglected during times of sickness or injury, especially when isolation can exacerbate anxiety and depression.

Feel more at ease sharing from your preferred location, whether it's your office or couch.

Busy professionals and parents need not miss out on vital mental health support due to time constraints for travel. I can offer expert advice and assistance, ensuring accessibility for all clients, whether face-to-face, over the phone, or online.