Clinical Supervision

What is Clinical Supervision?

Clinical supervision provides a secure, confidential space for professionals to reflect on and assess their work, addressing both personal and professional aspects. It serves three primary functions: ensuring client safety, supporting professional competence, and improving client treatment outcomes. This process allows supervisees to reflect on all facets of their clinical work.

Benefits of Clinical Supervision

Supervision fosters professional development by encouraging self-reflection, facilitating the review of personal practice, in-depth case discussions, and identifying training needs for quality improvement. As therapists, our duty of care to clients with complex needs necessitates supervision, offering a confidential space to explore emotional reactions and reflect on our practices independently of managerial considerations. This process has been linked to increased job satisfaction and effectiveness.

50-minute therapy session

  • £85 per session
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60-minute relationship therapy

  • £95 per session
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50-minute EMDR therapy session

  • £86 per session
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60-minute clinical supervision session

  • £70 per session
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90-minute clinical supervision session

  • £95 per session
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What To Expect

In my role as your supervisor, I adopt a supportive and facilitative approach, serving as an ethical role model for managing boundaries within your work. Balancing the duty of care with the ethical responsibility of confidentiality is a delicate task, requiring continuous self-reflection to uphold professional development. I scrutinise my practice, purpose, identity, ethics, values, and objectives to ensure each session provides top-quality supervision.


I offer a practice-focused, professional service, aiming to present a clear image of clinical supervision by competently, transparently, and empathically supporting supervisees. My goal is to ensure the highest quality of professional and ethical practice, education, and continuous development. Upholding integrity and meaningful relationships while providing rigorous supervisory skills is central to challenging and supporting development.


I strive to create a safe, confidential, and professional supervisory relationship that empowers both new and experienced counselling and psychotherapy supervisors for personal excellence. Promoting social, emotional, and psychological well-being, I aim to enhance job satisfaction. I embrace cultural differences, welcoming questions about sexuality and gender, and recognise the importance of professional development within organisations and private practice.


With a Level 7 Postgraduate Certificate in Clinical Supervision from the University of Derby, current indemnity insurance, personal supervision, and over 2000 practice hours as an accredited counsellor, I offer one-to-one and group supervision to experienced therapists and trainee practitioners. I am well-versed in data protection laws, adhering to GDPR principles and practice notes for the counselling professions.

My supervision training and approach are integrative and relational and focused on working with adults. The intention is to guarantee supervisees’ fitness to practise (competence), safeguard professional standards, develop professional expertise once qualified or fitness for award if training, promote high-quality care and support supervisees to reflect on their practice.

As you grow in confidence, discussions will focus on issues such as the transferential process, upholding the gatekeeping role and maintaining professional standards. I can also help with applications for accreditation or membership to professional bodies.

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