Whether you are struggling with a large workload, finding your studies too much or fighting to keep your relationship alive, having stress management techniques in your life is helpful in keeping you happy and healthy.

Stress may not feel like a big deal and you probably think you just need to knuckle down and deal with it, but the damaging effects are real and there is no shame in admitting when you need help. Stress can lead to depression, migraines and it is even linked with the six leading causes of death so it’s incredibly important that you find a way to manage it.

The reasons behind stress are different for everyone and there are no guaranteed quick-fixes but here are a few of my tips to improving your stress management strategies.

Talk about it

Whatever is causing you to feel stressed can sometimes be made easier by communicating about it. Speak to your partner if you are unhappy with your relationship, discuss the pressure you are under and try to be as transparent as possible. Bottling up your emotions can lead to feelings of isolation, worthlessness and unhappiness. Even if you can’t pinpoint what is making you stressed or you are worried that talking to someone involved would make it worse, speak to a professional and be fear-free of judgement.

Get help

Sometimes you need to remind yourself that looking after you should be of paramount importance. It’s not selfish – it’s essential! If you don’t you’ll burn yourself out and be no use to anyone. If possible, ask the people around you to help. Don’t be fooled into believing that it shows weakness as only a strong person can be brave enough to ask for assistance. If your partner can do the school run – let them, if you could afford to hire a carer to take care of your elderly parents for a night a week – hire someone, if you can delegate a few things in work – do it. Let people help you and remember that you should never feel alone.

Breathe more

Take deep breaths and focus on monitoring your breathing. If you spend a section of your day concentrating on relaxing your body, clearing your mind and breathing through your anxieties it could help you feel a little better. It’s easy to get wrapped up in your day-to-day life and forget to take time to breathe. Sit somewhere nice, watch the birds and relax. If this works for you, make it a regular date and keep dedicating time to this.

Get away

I don’t mean jump on a flight with a one-way ticket to paradise, although I imagine white sands would help! Sometimes the best thing to do is stand outside your stresses and look in. Detach yourself from the situation and evaluate it as if you were an outsider. It can help you identify a clear path for moving forward. If this doesn’t work straight away, try to get away from the situations that cause you stress until you can think more clearly. Take a short break to concentrate on yourself.

If you would like to talk about your worries and need a safe non-judgmental place, I am more than happy to help. I’ve helped a variety of individuals achieve a better, healthier state of mind and keep it. Please get in touch for more information. I’m based in Stretton, Warrington and easily accessible to people from Liverpool, Manchester and Cheshire.