Relationship Therapy

With 42% of marriages ending in divorce, I make it a personal mission of mine to help conflicting couples overcome their issues and create a long-lasting unity. In my experience in relationship therapy, I have helped people overcome arguments, trust issues and adultery. Even when one person feels they have faced the ultimate betrayal, there is still so much that can be done to help them both understand their emotions and actions. With a clearer understanding, both partners can assess how their own behaviour is affecting the relationship and work to express their love and other feelings more effectively and appropriately.

As an experienced and professional therapist, I work with couples to help them find a resolution that allows for the cultivation of trust, love and open honesty in the relationship. Often, hurt can be hard to overcome, and compromises have to made if one partner has betrayed the trust of the other.

With my guidance and advice, couples can listen to one another and communicate their emotions without falling into arguments. This safe, non-judgemental space means that a resolution can be worked towards. After our time together in therapy, couples can find their unique path to closure, whether that is jointly or ultimately apart from one another.

All advice given by myself is in the best interest of the people I work with, looking to create the greatest happiness – even if the relationship seems damaged beyond repair. I aim to end all my work with my clients leaving in a happy and healthy place with positive communication whether or not they move forward in their lives as a couple, or if they decide it is best to part ways.

It’s more important to seek outside help if your disputes as a couple are affecting the extended family. Children exposed to arguments and fighting are more likely to feel anxious and have behavioural issues in their later life. My relationship therapy can help you focus on overcoming your issues, so that family life remains stable and happy. Arguments are enabled to be removed from the home environment and limited to honest and productive conversations during our sessions. The advice given can be put into practice at home with your resolutions and compromises put the test as you seek to re-establish normality in your relationship and life.

Work life can also be affected if there are issues at home that you are struggling to resolve yourselves. Focusing at work can become much harder as your thoughts are dominated by your own guilt, anger at your partner or upset at a previous argument. Your colleagues may notice this and your decrease in work and question you about it. This could lead to conversations you’d rather not have and revelations you’d rather stay secret. At relationship therapy, I create a safe space for you to share your thoughts and feelings so that at work your mind is clear and ready to focus on the day’s tasks. With a positive mindset created at work, you can bring that sense of wellbeing home and use it to help work on the issues within your relationship.

How I Work:

Assessment Session

This first session aims to identify factors contributing towards current difficulties. In consultation with you, a plan is devised for an individually tailored therapeutic intervention.

Therapy Sessions

I work in a non-directive manner, providing a supportive, empathic, respectful, challenging and non-judgemental place. Sessions can be limited in number or take place over a longer term according to your goals. Most clients see me on a weekly basis.

I am committed to anti-oppressive and anti-discriminatory practice and abide by British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy’s Ethical Framework for the Counselling Professions. I bring enthusiasm, commitment and a sense of humour to my work, recognising that therapy can be enlivening as well as hard work.



Individual Therapy – £70 for a 50-minute session
Relationship Therapy – £80 for a 60-minute session
EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing Therapy) – £70 for a 50-minute session
Clinical Supervision – £70 for a 60-minute session
Clinical Supervision – £85 for a 90-minute session


I am happy to discuss your training needs. I charge £300 for a day training and £200 for half a day.

Please note that fees are reviewed annually in July.