Husband and wife after couple therapy with Liddy Carver

Does Couples Therapy Work?

When your relationship is on the rocks it can be hard to see a positive solution. It can affect your whole life and before you know it you can find yourself struggling to do the things you need to do – like go to work, get out of bed and even shower. Regardless of what…

Woman looking stressed with work before counselling

Why Stress Management is Essential

Whether you are struggling with a large workload, finding your studies too much or fighting to keep your relationship alive, having stress management techniques in your life is helpful in keeping you happy and healthy. Stress may not feel like a big deal and you probably think you just need to knuckle down and deal…

Woman talking to therapist

What makes A Good Ending in Therapy?

Relationships are hard work and when they end people can feel devastated. A secure therapeutic ‘alliance’ often helps clients find a more constructive way to say “goodbye”. But to do this, counsellors must focus on the end of therapy as a phase rather than a single event, as this is crucial “…to it feeling like…

Sad young man looking through the window considering couples counselling in Warrington

Surviving a Traumatic Bereavement

After a traumatic bereavement, people often feel intense rage mixed with guilt and shame. Every area of their life tends to be affected by such a sudden loss. But how this kind of experience can be treated has not been so clear. In a practice-oriented evidence review, Nicole Barlé and her colleagues recommend a comprehensive…